Due to Summer weather, all orders must be finalized over the phone (800-458-6102)

to ensure the proper shipping method is used to guarantee the freshness of our products.

Deer Bologna

Bring your deer in and we can turn it into any one of our great products.

(10lbs minimum per product)

We only accept boneless meat, the meat cannot be ground. Some of our products are only available seasonally; call at 1-800-458-6102 for more information. Turnaround time may take 2 weeks or more.

Prices based on the weight of final product, after ingredients have been added.

Deer Sweet Bologna $2.40 /lb
Deer Sweet Bologna w/ Cheddar Cheese $3.40 /lb
Deer Ring Bologna $2.40 /lb
Deer Ring Bologna w/ Hot Pepper Cheese $3.40 /lb
Deer Pepper Sticks $3.75 /lb
Deer Sweet Sticks $3.75 /lb
Deer Sweet Sticks w/ Cheddar Cheese $4.75 /lb
Deer Franks $2.45 /lb
Deer Franks w/ Hot Pepper Cheese $3.45 /lb