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Legendary Beef Sticks

Legendary Beef Sticks

Enjoy the taste of our Legendary Beef Sticks! A customer favorite, our "can't eat just one" beef sticks rarely make it to the fridge without being sampled. Using our 120-year old recipe, these butcher shop favorites are made with 100% beef and a special blend of spices to kick the flavor up a notch. Hickory smoked the old-fashioned way, our legendary Beef Sticks will have you coming back for more.

Sweet Beef Sticks

A sweet twist on our Legendary Beef Sticks, these tasty treats deliver a hearty taste with a touch of sweetness. Made from 100% beef and hickory smoked for maximum flavor, you'll love this sweeter version of a Weaver's favorite.

Sweet Beef Sticks w/ Cheese

We took our Legendary Beef Sticks, added a touch of sweetness and cheese for another Weaver's classic. Our satisfying sweet sticks are perfectly complimented by the addition of mild cheese and then hickory smoked for a wonderful flavor combination.