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Signature Ham/Bacon

Traditional Smoked Bone-In Ham

Delivering superior ham flavor is our passion and superior ham flavor is what you'll find in our Traditional Smoked Bone-In Ham. There's an art to finding the perfect combination of hickory smoking and blend of seasonings. Taste the difference in every bite of this 100% naturally smoked bone-in ham. You'll never eat a better ham!

Boneless Ham

Weaver's Boneless Ham takes our world-class ham flavor and makes it easy to cut and serve! Cooked slowly with the right blend of seasonings to ensure tenderness and exceptional flavor, Weaver's Boneless Ham is an extension of our hickory smoked flavor tradition.

Weaver's Signature Style Bacon

One taste of Weaver's Signature Style Bacon and you'll never want regular bacon again! Hickory smoked and sliced thick, Weaver's Signature Style Bacon has a meatier texture, less fat and a savory smoked flavor. It's Signature Style because nothing is like our bacon. Enjoyed by Weaver's customers for more than 100 years - a true classic!