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Naturally Smoked Sausages

Smoked Turkey Sausage

Hickory smoked and seasoned in the finest Weaver's smoked sausage tradition, our Smoked Turkey Sausage is a delicious low-fat, heart healthy alternative that you're sure to enjoy!

Smoked Sausage

Great tasting, bursting with flavor smoked sausages have been part of Weaver's since 1889. Using a traditional Weaver's family recipe, our sausages are hickory smoked over an open fire to seal in maximum flavor. All meat, with no filler, no preservatives and no sage, Weaver's Smoked Sausages are an old-fashioned favorite!

Hot Sausage

Weaver's Hot Sausage is perfect for those who want taste that's a little less mild and a little more wild. Spicier than our traditional smoked sausage, our hickory smoked Hot Sausage adds some zip to any occasion. Great for lunch on a roll or just off the grill!